Technical Info

Glazing: There are 4 types of glazing systems

  • Single Glaze Glass – most economical, providing gardeners with a clear view. R Value = 0.9 All flat glass tempered.
  • Twin wall Polycarbonate – economical, offering ample heat insulation, diffuses unwanted sunlight, 200 times stronger than glass. All twin wall polycarbonates come pre-painted white, custom colors also available. R Value = 1.53  200 times stronger than glass
  • Double Glaze Glass – offers an unrestricted and spectacular view with it’s clear appearance.  Has an excellent heat insulation for all types of growing. R Value = 2.04  All flat glass tempered.
  • Five Wall Polycarbonate – unequalled in it’s insulating properties, recommended for any climate that has extended periods below freezing.  Optimizes drastic temperature changes, and diffuses harmful sunlight. R Value = 3.03

Vents: We offer many types of vents, manual or automatic, side, louvers and exhaust systems to suit your needs. Some are solar powered, and open and close at selected temperature settings. We are the only manufacturer to supply vents with our garden rooms and solariums.

Extra Sections: Most greenhouses allow for additional sections to be added for extra growing room.

Mix & Match: All four glazing systems are interchangeable.

Warranty – Aluminum frames and paint finishes are warranted 5 years, polycarbonate panels are warranted for 10 years.

Custom: As a manufacturer, we can customize any greenhouse to suit your needs.

Design: All are standard greenhouses are made of Heavy Aluminum to withstand the elements.  They all have glazing bars on the interior to hang baskets, shelves, etc.  Each greenhouse comes complete with a heavy duty screen door with a clear glass pane and adjustable screen, as well as roof vents, manual or automatic.  All hardware is stainless steel for long last durability.  We can add gables, glass tinting, tempered or laminated glass, custom lengths, widths, heights, and roof pitches, to suit your needs. We also carry greenhouse accessories.

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