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Frequently Asked Greenhouse Questions

Find Answers to Some of the Most Commonly

Our greenhouses are built with heavy-duty aluminum frames, high-quality paint finishes, stainless-steel fasteners, and very high snow and wind loads. 

We offer single and double glass panels. All our glass is tempered (8x stronger than regular glass). 

Our polycarbonate panels are either ¼” thick (twin wall) or 5/8” thick (five wall). These panels defuse the sunlight so the greenhouse will not heat up as quickly and plants will not burn.  Polycarbonate panels are 200x stronger than glass.

Yes, glass walls and polycarbonate roofs are very common. With glass walls, you can see right into your greenhouse. With a polycarbonate roof, your greenhouse is cooler in the summer and more insulated when heating is needed.

Yes. Our standard greenhouses come with complete instructions. We also offer tech support 7 days a week, if you have any questions.

An 8’x12’ greenhouse will normally take two people 1 day to install. This works out to be 100 square feet per day. This means that it would usually take 2 days to install a 12’x16’ greenhouse.

A greenhouse up to 100 square feet will normally not require a permit.

The most common foundation is 6’x6’ wood and concrete (curb/slab). We offer a free foundation guide for greenhouses.

We always suggest that customers build up their foundation a minimum of 12”; however, we  do offer a free door drop option to allow entry into the greenhouse. The extra height is common so customers can hang baskets from the frame and grow taller plants.

On the very large models, we suggest the long portion of the greenhouse to be facing south, if possible. With most greenhouse sizes, it usually does not matter which direction the greenhouse is placed.  

Yes, we can make your greenhouse to the exact snow and wind load you require.

Yes, we ship our greenhouses everywhere in North America. We offer installation options throughout North America as well.

A 3-season greenhouse is usually single glass and/or twin-wall polycarbonate. These greenhouses are designed to extend your growing seasons. 

A 4-season greenhouse is usually double glass and/or five-wall polycarbonate. These greenhouses are designed to be heated all year round. 

Lifetime warranty on the greenhouse frame, 10 years on the paint finish and polycarbonate panels, 5 years on double glass units, and 1 year on accessories.

Yes, if possible. With power you can run lights, heating cables, heater, fans, etc. Having water in the greenhouse will allow you to have a watering system, such as a water wand or coil hose, inside the greenhouse. 

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