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“In Your Greenhouse: A Beginner’s Guide” Book Written by Greta Heinen

in your greenhouse: a beginner's guide book

If you are new to growing in a greenhouse, the “In Your Greenhouse: A Beginner’s Guide” book written by Greta Heinen is a great place to start. Yes, I am 100% biased because the book was written by my mom.

In Your Greenhouse: A Beginner’s Guide

This lovely book written by my mom begins with a heartfelt dedication from a granddaughter to the author, her Nana. Moving through the book, you can imagine what is it like to be in your own greenhouse, feeling the pleasure of starting to grow so many different plants, nurturing them from just seeds and cuttings.

Spending Time in My Greenhouse

“I am going to the greenhouse to hang out with Mom,” I often say with a huge smile and a sigh of sadness. Sadly Mom passed away in 2015 but I know that a part of her is with me in the greenhouse every time I walk in.

The greatest time I have in my greenhouse is when my daughter, Bailey, wants to join in and help (her handwriting for the labels is much neater than mine). We crank Taylor Swift and transplant “our babies”.

Here we are transplanting in the middle of March.


Six weeks later, my greenhouse is getting full! Our goal is to grow 1000 plants, ranging from many types of flowers to kale, lettuce, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cauliflower, and broccoli. We plant inside our greenhouse and around our home so that we can give away as much as possible to friends, family members, and anyone else.

Here is my greenhouse at the beginning of May.


Thank you, Mom, for a great book and for the inspiration to keep growing and sharing my greenhouse with the people that matter most.


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