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Spring Gardening in Your Greenhouse

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Spring has sprung, making it the perfect time to start tending to your greenhouse garden; however, before you start planting, it is important to properly prepare your greenhouse to give your plants the best chance to grow and thrive. At Everlast Greenhouses, we want to help you have a successful growing season this spring. That is why we have put together some information about spring gardening in your greenhouse.

Preparing Your Greenhouse for Spring

Before bringing new plants into your greenhouse, it is important to first properly prepare the space. Start by decluttering the space by clearing out cold tolerant plants and putting them outside. Next, take the time to clean the glass, shelves, floors, vents, screens, and gutters to allow your greenhouse to function optimally while also giving your plants a healthy and happy environment to thrive in.

Once your greenhouse is set up the way you want it, take the time to consider whether or not any updates need to be made to your greenhouse’s ventilation system. Updating to automatic vent openers can be a great option for regulating the temperature in your greenhouse. Now is also a great time to look into adding new greenhouse accessories that can help improve the functionality of the space, such as shade cloths and heating sources.

Planting in Your Greenhouse

The first step in planting is making sure you have the right soil for your plants. Make sure the soil is nurtured, fertilized, and plant ready. With the right soil in place, you can decide on a variety of seedlings, bulbs, and cuttings to plant. Seedlings can be planted in an unheated greenhouse with temperature between 10 and 21 degrees Celsius.

Watering Your Plants

It is important to keep in mind that greenhouse plants require more water than outside plants. Make sure to keep a bucket filled with ambient temperature water, as chilly water from outdoors can give your plants a shock. Utilizing water butts is also an excellent way to conserve water while keeping your plants properly maintained, as most plants tend to prefer rainwater to tap water.

Whether you are new to gardening in a greenhouse or a seasoned greenhouse gardener, taking the time to properly prepare your greenhouse for the new spring growing season will help your plants thrive. To learn more about gardening in a greenhouse, get in touch with the professionals from Everlast Greenhouses by calling 1-800-330-2919 or by filling out our online form. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have.


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