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Why Should You Choose Everlast Greenhouses?


With a wide range of different greenhouse options available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose a greenhouse that not only suits your wants and needs but will also be able to withstand the elements, keeping your plants or indoor space safe for years to come. At Everlast Greenhouses, we want to help you make an informed decision. That is why we have put together some information about why you should choose Everlast Greenhouses.

1. Built to Withstand the Elements

All Everlast Greenhouses are built with rough seasonal weather in mind. Whether you live in an area that sees heavy snow loads or high wind speeds, our North American made greenhouses can easily withstand whatever elements Mother Nature sends our way.

2. Allows for Plenty of Sunlight While Still Protecting Your Plants

One of the most common types of greenhouses that we have seen over the past number of years is glass walls with a polycarbonate roof. The glass walls allow for clear vision into the greenhouse, while the polycarbonate roof prevents your plants from burning in direct sunlight.

3. Variety of Ventilation Options to Choose from

Proper ventilation is huge for any greenhouse. Everlast Greenhouses can be designed to include exhaust fans, intake shutters, and side venting to help provide your plants with the fresh air they need to grow and flourish.

4. Easily Install Power and Water

Bringing power and water to your greenhouse is so much easier than dragging in a hose or an extension cord. Having power installed in your greenhouse will allow you to start all your seeds early with a bottom heat pad and extra lighting as needed.

All Everlast Greenhouses also come with a Max/Min Thermometer at no extra cost. This will tell you exactly how hot or how cold your greenhouse is at any time. It is very important to ensure that your greenhouse is always above freezing.

everlast greenhouse

5. Can be Used for More than Just Gardening

Everlast Greenhouses can be used for more than just growing plants! Consider getting a greenhouse to create a great yoga studio, indoor pool, or a lovely sitting room. The possibilities are endless!

If you are thinking about purchasing a greenhouse but are not sure which type of greenhouse will work best for your situation, we would love to help. Get in touch with the dedicated team from Everlast Greenhouses today to find your perfect greenhouse.


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